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A new contemporary at fair at Highland Gardens Hotel


Fri, Jan 29 at 12pm – Sun, Jan 31 at 7pm


Highland Gardens Hotel
7047 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Doni Silver Simons – Room 120




Doni SilverSimons-Room 120 Image with ArrowThis fair was created by co-founders Ray Beldner and Steve Zavattero. It was curated by a venerable selection committee of art world experts.

These images represent two distinct bodies of work that developed simultaneously and are conceptually linked. Both explore interval, time, and the cyclical nature of repetition.

Doni_Silver_Simons-Silk_ll_2015_mixed_media_62in_x_30in_Doni_Silver_SimonsIn the first body of work, regarding thread as the basic unit of a woven system (i.e., lines in a drawing) I desiccate the canvas. Utilizing a multifaceted approach to transforming the canvas, deconstruction precedes reconstruction. Repetition, interval, and time are literally represented in these pieces. In the second body of work repetition and interval are derived from our psychological need to retrace steps – to find our way “home” – no matter how destructive nor how painful.

Both bodies of work are sourced from the quietude of introspection (a search for openings in the permeable membrane of thought) and from the physical markers that tell us where we’ve been.